Medifast Tips & Tricks

Below are Medifast Specific Recipes and Tips for the Medifast Pre-packaged Meals.
 *disclaimer - not all recipes are my own.  This is a collection that I have found and really liked.

Muffins -
5 packets of Medifast Oatmeal 
1 packet of Medifast Pudding
3tsp artificial sweetener
2tsp Baking Powder
1/4tsp White Vinegar
1/4 cup Sugar Free Syrup  (recipe calls for either the chocolate or Vanilla syrups, but I just used sugar free maple syrup... Like for pancakes)
1 1/4 cup Water.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly. 
Add the water slowly to make sure that the batter is not too runny.
The batter should be moist, but not runny or too dry. 
Drop by tbsp into 12 regular sized muffin cups.
Bake at 325 for 22-35 minutes, or until toothpick comes out clean.

Makes 12 Muffins.

2 muffins = 1 meal replacement & 3 condiment servings.

If you are making chocolate muffins, use the Brown sugar oatmeal, chocolate pudding, and chocolate sugar free syrup. 
If you are making the blue berry, peach, or apple cinnamon muffins, use the vanilla pudding and vanilla sugar free syrup. (or the maple syrup).  

 Mock Frappuccino - In a Magic Bullet or Blender, mix 1 package Medifast Shake Mix (Dark Chocolate, Dutch Chocolate, or Vanilla), 2tsp Instant Coffee, and 1 packet of Splenda with ice and water and blend. YUMMY!!

Peanut Butter Cup -
In a small bowl or in the Brownie "Pan" that comes with a package of Medifast brownies, spread a thin later of peanut butter. (PB2 Can also be used).  Pour Brownie Batter on top of the peanut butter, then freeze for One hour. Do not microwave.  SOOO GOOD!!!!   I have also done this with the Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding.  Both are YUMMY!!! I used the bottom of a small cereal bowl.

Brownie Mix -
I wasn't thrilled with the Brownies when I first tried them.  They were good, but I didn't see why everyone was raving about them.  I had ordered one box my first week, and only made brownies twice.  The rest of the time, I made shakes out of them. I didn't order any more until this last order. I decided to give them another try.  Still wasn't that impressed.  Then I tried freezing the brownie batter instead of microwaving it. DELICIOUS!! It comes out with a texture similiar to fudge. YUM. Now.... when I make the brownies, with or without the peanut butter, I just stick the batter in the freezer and freeze it.  SO GOOD THAT WAY!!!! I will NEVER microwave them again.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cookies
Mix Brownie mix with 3 tbsp of water in a small bowl.  Microwave the Peanut Butter Crunch bar in the microwave on high for 20 seconds.  The bar will be slightly melted.  Add the Crunch Bar to the Brownie batter, and mix thoroughly.  Divide the batter into two "Brownie Pans" or onto a plate sprayed with non-stick spray. *Microwave for 2 minutes.  This makes 2 meals.
*I prefer NOT to Microwave the cookie.  I like it MUCH BETTER when I just freeze the batter, as I do the regular brownies.  

Vanilla Shake Mix - 
Mix 1pkg crystal light single lemonade packet before blending with ice.  It makes a delicious Lemon Cream Shake. The Crystal Light Pink Lemonade is also REALLY yummy in the Vanilla Shake.  If you don't want all 5 calories to go in your shake, or you want a lighter flavor, mix the Crystal Light in a bottle of water, and use the flavored water in the shake, instead of adding the whole packet.

Peanut Butter Cup from Hot Chocolate Mix
  Mix 1tbsp of PB2, and 1 packet of Splenda with 1/2 tbsp of water. (consistency should be very creamy, but not watery). Adjust water as needed.  (Splenda is optional)  Spread mixture into bottom of a bowl or other small container.
In separate container mix 1 Medifast Hot Chocolate Pkg. with 3 tbsp of water.  Mix well.  Spread the Hot Chocolate Mix on top of the Peanut Butter. Place in Freezer and freeze for at least an hour.
* You can also make this out of the Brownie Batter, or the pudding.  Just pour the batter or pudding on top of the peanut butter, then freeze. 

Pancake Mix
When I first made the Pancakes, they were more like crepes than pancakes.  It was suggested that I add 1/4 cup Egg Beater, 1tsp Baking Powder, and refrigerate batter for 30mins. before making.  I did this for a week or so.  I decided to try the batter in my Waffle Maker and they came out GREAT without adding anything extra or refrigerating.  I now always have waffles instead of pancakes.

 Biscuit from Pancake Mix
An alternative to Pancakes or Waffles is to make a Biscuit from the Pancake Mix.  I did this yesterday morning.  Spray a Coffee mug with nonstick spray, and mix your Pancake mix as usual. Pour the batter into the coffee mug, then microwave for 1 minute.  This can be eaten as an Egg McMuffin by adding Egg Beaters Eggs, or Egg Whites, and a Morning Star Sausage Patty.  (You will need to account for the Eggs and Sausage in your Lean and Green Meal).

 Chocolate Chip Muffin from Pancake Mix
A variation of the Biscuit recipe above.  I added a little bit of Vanilla extract and splenda to the batter before microwaving in the coffee mug.  All the chocolate falls to the bottom, so when you dump out your muffin, you have a chocolate topped muffin.  The vanilla and splenda give it that sweet taste you would find with a muffin.  I really liked it.  (Almond extract could be used as well).

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup 
Replace 1cup water with 1cup Chicken Broth, and let the soup soak in the Chicken Broth for an hour before microwaving. Another option is store in your shaker jar overnight in fridge. The Chicken Broth gives it much more flavor.

 Medifast Bars
Try freezing your bars or microwaving them for just a few seconds, for a change.  It is really great and slows down how fast you eat them. 

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