Friday, August 27, 2010

Who Am I ???!!!!

It is official.

I no longer recognize who I am......who I am becoming.

I have always been the type of person to hang in the background, not seeking attention, not getting involved....  Just going through the motions of life.  

Something has changed.  I have changed.

I guess it began with Coaching Emily's Cheer Squad.  It wasn't something I elected to do on my own, but was volunteered into doing.  I thought several times of quitting, (chickening out) but was too timid to quit.

I am SO glad I didn't!! 

I still feel awkward at times, like at the game this past Saturday..... I felt as if all eyes were on me, and I really didn't have any business being there.  Especially when I got so hot I came very close to passing out.  I'm not sure that was due to my weight though... I think it was because I had been so sick the week before, and was still recovering. 

But now, other changes are happening.  I'm reaching out to people more, attempting to make new friends. I volunteered to be Room Mom for Emily's class, or to donate time to the classroom.  I don't know that I will be selected, but for me to volunteer shows how much I have changed.  I'm going to look into joining the PTA as well.  

These are all things  I wanted to do before, but never had the courage or gumption to pursue them.   Now I am........

I really don't know who I am becoming............ this is all new to me.

~But I like her! ~ 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

If Only I Could Sweat It All Off....

I BURNED up at cheer practice today.  I got there early to video record Emily and one of the other coach's daughters doing a few cheers to put up on our website so some of the new girls can watch it at home to better learn the cheers.  

I feel like I sweated a gallon today.  I need one of those bras they advertise......"Friends don't let Friends have Booby Sweat...".  O.k. maybe the commercial isn't in those exact words, but you get the idea.  

As I stood out there in the blaring hot sun, sweating in places I shouldn't be sweating in, I thought to myself, if only that were the fat melting off me.  If only I could "sweat it off" I would stand out there all day.'s miserable, but wouldn't that be nice?

But alas....... I have to do it the hard way.  I have to actually work and sweat.  Sweating alone will not a skinny girl make.  

So.....tomorrow morning, bright and early I plan on getting up and doing cheer after cheer after cheer to get a good workout.  (I don't have an exercise video or routine to go by yet, and the cheers seem to work on my whole body).  

I guess it doesn't really matter what I'm doing......

so long as I keep MOVING. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have to Eat Cake

I have NOT been doing well this week.

My mom sent me home with her White Peach Home-made Ice Cream, and I can't stay out of it.  It is sooo freaking good! Not to mention all the left over Chocolate Birthday Cake from Lauren's party.

Food wise, I'm not doing too bad.  There is one small piece of cake left which the kids will devour today, and maybe 2 bowls of the Ice-Cream left.  Once that is gone,  it will be better.

I did some swimming this weekend, but not the workout kind of swim.  I haven't worked on any cheers in a while.  With all the kids here, it was impossible to.  But I need to start working on coming up with some more cheers, which will be a good workout.  It was last time.

I'm not beating myself up about eating cake and ice-cream.  Sometimes in just have to eat Birthday cake.....Enjoy a bowl of ice-cream now and then.

Just..... not everyday.