Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Monday Is The Day!!

I have decided that I will begin the Medifast Diet on MONDAY!!

With a New Years Party for the kids to go to Friday, and the Bonfire we have planned for Saturday, I'm afraid I would just be setting myself up for Failure this weekend.   By Monday I will have my Box of Food, all the leftover goodies from the weekend can be gotten rid of, and it will be a fresh start.  PLUS, I really want to get my mom to Take my Measurements and do another "official" Weigh In on Monday, so I know EXACTLY where I am starting at on this plan.....

2011 Is   MY YEAR TO SHINE!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Update -

My food is in, but I haven't been able to pick it up from my mom yet.  
I have been home sick with the Flu for a week. I'm still recovering. 
I have not been eating much lately, but over Christmas weekend I did not make the best choices on food.  I haven't been to the grocery store in a week and half.  So my husband went to town and picked up a Spicy Chicken sandwhich with Curly Fries from Jack In The Box.  It was SOOOOO good! I was STARVING!! LOL  I also ate a Taco Salad from Taco Delite, and had some of Spencer's Birthday cake a few times. Oh yes..... and I can not forget about the piece of Coconut Pie I ate Christmas Day. Yum!!
But I noticed today when I put on a pair of my "exercise pants" that they seem to fit better, so I must have lost some weight.  The pockets no longer bulge open, but lie pretty flat. Yay!! I have been really watching what I eat (minus this past week of course) for a little bit now, and I think it has been working. I will be picking up the Medifast food sometime this week once I am feeling better and able to go visit my mom to get it.  I'm really anxious now to get this diet underway. I want to see MORE results!! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Me.....On a Diet

I've made the plunge.  I'm going on a strict diet.  I've already semi begun, but I dished out $100.00 on food items, and once they come in...... IT'S ON!

My mom went to work for Medifast.  She has lost over 70 pounds on their program, and I began a week and half ago doing a mock version of their diet using atkins protein bars, salads, and lean meats.  Mom can get their food items at a 75% discounted price, and can purchase up to $100.00 a month.  She explained that she would like to purchase some for her daughter, and her boss told her that was fine.  So, Mom will be my counselor,  I order my food through mom, pay her and she orders the food for me from Medifast.   It will take a week or so for the bars and such to come in, but once they do, I will begin the program.  

I can eat a combination of 5 bars/shakes/puddings/pancakes/oatmeals/etc. a day plus a lean and green meal.  I can also have 2 of their snacks such as pretzels that do not count as a meal if needed.  I will have to eat every 2 to 3 hours.  I'm hoping for quick results like mom had........  

I will blog about my experiences, openly and honestly, good and bad.  Maybe by blogging about my experiences, it will help me to stay on track as well.  Mom said the first 3 days are hard, but after that, the diet is fairly easy.

We shall see.......