Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It Hurts When You Fall.....

I was doing so good
for a while,
I was cooking and baking
and NOT sampling.
I avoided temptation,
and kept my focused and determined.

And then I fell off the 
Diet Wagon.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Daily Inspiration...... Will Power.

So, SO True.....

Last night at 3:00am
I got up while the kids
were all sleeping
and made some
White Chocolate 
Covered Oreo Cookies,
and White Chocolate 
covered Pretzels to give
to the kids as Christmas gifts...

It was SO tempting to snag one... 
or two.
Just to make sure it tasted
o.k., of course ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weigh In - Round 2 Week 2

I lost 3.2 lbs this week.

I'm not sure how this coming
week's weigh in will turn out...
I haven't decided if I will
stay completely on plan on
Christmas Day or not...
IF I do go off plan for the day
it will ONLY be for that 1 day.
I just can't let that 1 day
turn into 1 week.....

Mom said they are telling their
Medifast patients the same thing...
Basically, enjoy your Holiday, if 
you decide to eat Christmas Dinner 
with your family, don't beat 
yourself up over it, just 
get right back on plan the 
next day.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Daily Inspiration - A CHALLENGE

I'm re-writing my story...... 
Are you?

Slowing Down.....

My Weight Loss has started
to slow down..... which
I knew would happen.

But I still should come 
out this week with a 
pretty decent weight loss.  
Slowly but surely........
The best way to do it
I suppose. 
At least, that is
what I have been told. ;)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weigh In - Round 2 Week 1

I did not get the big numbers 
I was hoping for.
I ended week 1 with a 7.2 lb loss.
I'll Take That!!

I may not have hit 12 or 15 pounds
but I still had a good loss.
I'm happy with that.

I had heard you do not see
the 12 & 15 pound losses 
like you do your first week
on Round 1 of Medifast,
so I was half expecting it.

The thing for me to remember
is not to get wrapped up in 
the numbers, but to remember
that regardless of what the final 
number is at the end of the week
the IMPORTANT thing to keep in 
mind is that the numbers are
going (and STILL going)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Runner I Am Not..... yet.

Last night I went for a walk.
I came SO close to backing out....
my usual walking buddy was not 
going to make it so I would be alone...
in the dark at the high school track.
AND I was in the middle of a cute
Christmas Show on T.V.

But I made myself go and I am
SO GLAD I did!

I didn't stay long, just 40-45 minutes...
But I got in two miles.
4 Laps around is a mile, so I 
walked laps 1-3, jogged lap 4,
walked laps 5-7, and jogged
most of lap 8.

This may not seem like much
to a seasoned runner, or someone
in shape, but this was awesome for me!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 5 Down 6 Pounds

Just a quick update before
I go to bed...

Today ends Day 5 on Medifast
and as of this morning I am
down 6 pounds so far...

Day 1 went great...
Day 2 I was slightly hungry....
Day 3 I was hungry ALL. DAY. LONG.
I went to bed at like 8:15 because I
was out of meals, and still hungry.
But the next morning I had dropped another
2 pounds which totally made it worth it.

I only have two more days to go
so I don't think I'll see as big a 
loss as I was hoping for....
But even if I stop at a 6pound loss
for the week, I'll be happy :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

And THIS Is Why I Love Medifast.....

I jumped on the scale 
this morning for my
Morning Naked Weigh In
and I am down slightly...
Granted, it is not much
only 1.8lbs and that 
is water weight,
It's DOWN.
on Day 2. 
And after watching the
scale go up and up,
it's thrilling to see the proof
positive that it is now
heading in the right direction.
Of course, Once the diet gets 
underway 1.8lbs might be
a typical loss for the entire week.
The first week on Medifast
you usually lose quite a bit...
I'm assuming the same will happen
on my second go round.
So far..... it's looking good :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 1 Complete....

Day 1 is complete.
Aside from a couple of hiccups,
it was a great day!

Hiccup 1: TOM. enough said.
                  Hiccup 2:  I ate my Lean and Green late.
      I like to get it in early, but it was
              after 8:00 before I finally got to eat it.
             Hiccup 3: I did not get all my water in.

Day 1, Round 2 Starts.......... NOW

Day 1 of Round 2 starts NOW!!
I'm SO RELIEVED to be back on Medifast!!
I really did miss it.

My 'Morning Naked Weigh In' this morning
I am so ashamed to even SAY how much 
I gained while I was off my diet.....
But.... I made a commitment to blog 
openly and honestly. 
So here goes.......

Monday, December 5, 2011

This Is Not How My Story Will End....

I came across this image this morning
while browsing Pinterest.

I SOOOOO needed this message.

I started a post earlier but didn't finish
titled "In Another Lifetime"...
listing all the things I wish I had or 
had done in this lifetime... 
such as make better decisions,
take care of my body instead of 
abusing it.  Live in the mountains 
or on the beach...... etc.

I didn't finish because it was rather 
depressing, and I was starting to 
really feel down.  I decided to 
browse Pinterest instead and
this came up.

I can't undo the past, and I may
never live high in the mountains 
or on the beach......

But I CAN make better decisions
from this day forward.
And I CAN make what life I have
left an AMAZING one....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My New Addiction....

My new addiction is Pinterest.
OH.  MY.  GOSH!!
I Loooove that Site!!

I have found SO MANY 
Awesome ideas on there!!
From Recipes, to Organization tips,
Crafts I want to make, to Home Decor ideas.

I cannot say enough how much I LOVE it!