Sunday, February 23, 2014

Morning Naked Weigh In - Week 16

This was a pretty bad week, weight loss wise, but I still came away with a loss. All week the scale has not budged, and then finally this morning it was down 1.2 pounds.  T.O.M showed up yesterday, so that may be why it is so low this week. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Yesterday I finally bought a new pair of jeans since having the surgery in October! I've been wearing the same jeans I had before surgery, but they look really bad now, way too baggy.  They aren't falling off yet, but the legs and rear end just sag.  I bought a size 20 Jeans! And they fit great! At my highest weight I was in a size 28 and they were tight....  I have to admit, the thrill of fitting into a size 20 yesterday was greatly dimmed looking at myself in that full length mirror.  Seeing my clothes sag on me felt great, it showed progress!  But seeing myself in a pair of jeans that fit, really showed me how far I still have to go.... not just to goal but to just looking decent in a pair of jeans.  And I've got a belly roll above my jeans line that is still there, that really bothers me.  I put on my saggy jeans again after trying on the 20's and noticed that in those jeans too, the roll is there, I just chose to ignore it.   I was a little down last night...... but I'm feeling much more optimistic today.   I'm not going to get there over night.  And while..... 51 pounds is a lot to lose, when I have THIS Much excess weight, it's not going to have as great an impact on me as it would on someone with less to lose. My husband suggested taking pictures each month so I can compare, which I really should have been doing all along. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Morning Naked Weigh In Results - Week 15

I was really sweating it this week.  The scale kept going up and up by ounces all week, and it looked like I wasn't going to have a loss at all.  Then yesterday the scale went down a pound, and this morning it dropped a little more than 2 pounds!!  Weigh in: 248.4.  That is a loss of 3.6lbs for the week, and a total loss of  51.6 Pounds!!  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Heel Spurs anyone?

Does anyone have problems with heel spurs?  I think I have them.  It's mainly in my right heel, although my left heel hurts too sometimes.  It seems to be worse after I walk on the treadmill.  I look like an old lady hobbling around here.  While I'm at the gym it doesn't bother me so much, it's later on, after I get home and sit still for a bit, and then try to get up that I have sharp pains in my heel.  It's also really bad in the mornings for several days after walking the treadmill.  I think tonight I will ride the bike instead....

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Last night when I was getting dressed to go to the gym, I grabbed one of my old XL T-Shirts to try it on, just to see how close I am to being able to wear it again. Guess What!?  IT FIT!!!!
YES!!!  I was so excited!  Later, on the treadmill, when I started feeling self conscious in front of all the people there working out looking all cute in their workout gear, I reminded myself that I was wearing an XL T-Shirt!! And that is coming from a 3X!!  I may not look all cute in my work out clothes now, or even FIT into the cute workout clothes yet, but I'M ON MY WAY!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Morning Naked Weigh In - Week 14

This was not a great weight loss week. My weight this morning was 252.0 lbs.  I GAINED .4lbs.  I didn't work out at all this week.  I haven't been feeling well, and never made it to the gym.  I'm going to have to do better.  Earlier this week each morning the scale was up a little until I had gained 3 pounds for the week, but beginning Thursday the scale started going back down, ending the week at only a .4 lb gain. While I'm disappointed to have not had a loss this week, I'm relieved that it wasn't a 3 pound gain or more like it was showing earlier this week.  Going forward, I can NOT let myself derail my work out efforts.  It's too easy to find a reason or excuse not to go.  I need to be going to the gym regardless of how I feel unless I'm running fever or puking.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Confession Time Again...... With Pictures.

Yesterday, while my husband and I were out we passed by a Wig store.  He swung into the parking lot and asked if I wanted to go in and just look around.  I hesitated, but I've been curious so we went in, and ultimately wound up purchasing a wig.  WHAT??!!  I will probably pick it up next Saturday.   First of all..... I want to make this clear that I have been experiencing Hair Loss for 11 years now. I do not want to scare anyone reading this that is thinking of having Gastric Bypass surgery into thinking the same will happen to them.  Yes, it is common to experience some hair loss, but not to the extent where one would need a wig.  Because my hair was already SO THIN on top, it has pushed me to that point where I think I need one.

I began this blog with the commitment to blog openly and honestly. It is hard to do sometimes, but in honor of that commitment,  I am posting pictures of my hair below so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.  I used to wear my hair over to the side and it hid my thinning hair fairly well unless you stood over me in a bright light.  But after the past two weeks of losing my hair every time I shower, I have been forced to pull my bangs straight back to try to hide my scalp. But even, that is getting hard. 

Here I am last weekend with my hair "styled" in the only way I have found to cover my scalp.  As you can see, my hair is really, really thin on top, and no matter how I arrange my hair, I have places where my scalp shows through, in the front, and in the back unless my hair is laying just right.

Please excuse these next two pictures.  I wore my hair curly (it's naturally curly) yesterday to try and maybe add volume and help cover my scalp.  When I got up this morning and decided to blog about it, I went ahead and snapped two pictures prior to taking a shower. And my hair is WILD (what little you can actually see of hair in this next set).   But this is what I am dealing with, and why I have decided to wear a wig.... if I can get up enough courage to actually wear it. 

This is the top of my head with my hair parted over to the side like I USED to be able to wear it. 

And here is the top of my head with my hair parted straight down the middle, which I never do, but you can see the extent of my hair loss. 

I know.  
This is extremely embarrassing.  
Again... I want to put reiterate, this is NOT the normal.
I was headed to this point, BEFORE the surgery. 

So yesterday, I tried two different wigs. I wanted to try to stay within my current length.  I LOVED the color and cut of the first wig I tried on (no pictures were allowed in the store), and came VERY close to purchasing that one.  It was kind of long on the sides and got a little bit shorter in the back, like that swing bob, or inverted wedge cut that is popular. Super Cute.  It was a dark brown which is my natural hair color.  But I was a little bothered by the seam down the wig.  To me it looked like the hair had been singed.  The lady that was helping me said it was a hand tied wig, very durable, and it is just the way they come.  She showed me how to adjust the part, zigzagging small pieces of hair to hide it, and it did look better.  I then tried on some Lace Front wigs, which gives you a more normal hair line and seam, but she said in all honesty they do not last long and are also more expensive.  She said for a first wig, she did not recommend them.  Then she said she wanted to try one more on me before we purchased the first one.  The next wig she put on me had three different colors and blondish highlights. It looked a little more natural down the seam, partly because it looked like my "roots" were about to come through.  My husband (who by the way is EXTREMELY supportive and I could not live without) and the shop lady LOVED the second wig on me.  She said it was very  flattering on me. The cut is similar to the way I used to have my hair styled about a year ago.  I wasn't too sure about the blonde highlights though, and we debated for literally over an hour on different color options.  I wanted a dark brown with a lighter brown highlights, so she had me try on other wigs just for a color reference.  They were all too brassy, or reddish for my liking. She asked if I wanted to order it in a solid color, but the color on the wig is what MAKES that cut and style so cute.  I went back and forth between the two wigs for a long time, trying on both again and again. I ultimately went with their suggestion of the second wig, in the original color because when it comes to myself I am HORRIBLE about being objective.  Frankly..... I don't like anything right away, it always takes me a while.  

So after next weekend, now that I will have a wig, the next step is finding the courage to wear it.  The shop lady said to just be honest with coworkers and friends and tell them It's a wig, because eventually I'll want to get a new one with a different style and length.  My husband has suggested wearing it on the weekends, and getting used to it for a while before trying to wear it at work.  When I first start wearing it, regardless of where I'm at, I will be uncomfortable and it will feel weird.  He said once I get used to the idea of wearing it and feeling more comfortable about it, I will be more 
confident wearing it to work and around friends.  Hmmm..... we'll see.  I guess wearing a wig is better though, than looking bald.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Confession Time... Water

I have to admit....  I think my BIGGEST challenge
is getting enough water in.  This has always been an issue with me, not just since surgery.  First of all..... I don't LIKE
water.  In order to drink it, it has to be ICE COLD. Even then
I have to force it down.  Bleh.  I used to love the Crystal Light packets of Lemonade added, but since the surgery, I haven't really cared for them.  Any calorie free, non carbonated beverage will count towards my water intake, so I've been drinking the Diet Lipton Citrus Green Teas.  In the weeks following my surgery, it was the ONLY drink I found that didn't make me nauseous.  I can now drink other things, 
such as water without feeling nausea, but I still haven't found anything that I love to drink. But taste isn't really the problem here.  I just get busy and forget  to drink.  One 16oz bottle of tea will last me all day.  On a good day, I'll get in two 
of them.  THAT'S HORRIBLE! I should be getting in at least 64oz of water daily. Water is very important to not only my weight loss, but my health as well.  It is such a SIMPLE concept too.  Carry water (or other noncaloric beverage) with you all day long, and sip constantly.  Yet, here I am 3 months out still struggling with it.  I'd set an alarm on my phone as the Dr. suggested, but I can't have my alarm going off at work.  I've even asked a co-worker to remind me throughout the day to drink.  But ulimately, it is my responsibility, and I just have to find a way to get it in. 

Seven Bites Youtube Channel

It can sometimes be a struggle, especially in the beginning, to find
healthy recipes that allow you to eat a small portion and still get your
protein in each day.  Here is a link to a YouTube channel for Weight Loss Surgery 
patients that offers Recipes and Tips for your new tiny tummy.
Check it out! Seven Bites was created by a Mother and Daughter team that
have both had the Gastric Sleeve procedure.  (I went to school with the
daughter).  All their tips and recipes can apply to any type of Weight
Loss Surgery.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

AHA! Moment of a Book Lover

I am an AVID Reader, I always have been.
  I absolutely love to read. It  is my favorite past time. 
I love getting lost in the pages of a really good
story.  Reading was an escape for me back when
 I was single on those weekends the oldest two went
to their dad's.  I didn't have many friends, having lost
them all in the divorce, and was never one to go out alone.
So I would curl up with a really big book instead. After
I remarried, and the youngest two came along, I never
had time to read anymore.  I still don't.  It is very rare that I get to sit down with a book and read. I desperately miss reading, so I've resorted to listening to audio books. I get one a month through, and usually only get to listen to them during the commute to and from work. It hit me the other day, that I should start buying myself books more often, and listen to them while I'm working out. I think getting lost in a really good story will help to pass the time, and get my mind on something other than how many minutes/miles I've gone on the treadmill or bike. 

Great Motivator! Check it out!!

I found this really cool website on Pinterest.

It creates an Avatar which you can customize
to look like yourself and gives you an idea
of what you look like at your current weight 
and what you will look like at your Goal weight. 
See my Avatar below: 

Current Weight: 251.6

Goal Weight: 120

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Where The &^%$ Is My Hair Going!?

I knew this was coming. 
I knew to expect some hair loss
after having this surgery starting at
around Month 3.  

Well, here I am 3 months out, 
and Yep. I'm losing my hair.
Knowing it was coming did
not make it any easier when it arrived.

For most people, it is just a little thinning out,
and will soon grow back out, thinning hair but a memory.
But I've been experiencing thinning hair for the
past 11 years.  It started after my youngest (4th child)
was born.  It was a very slow gradual process,
and it seemed to have stopped.  My hair was still
really thin on top, but it seemed to be staying.

So for me to be experiencing hair loss again,
I have to admit... I'm scared.

Morning Naked Weigh In: Week 13th

Kind of a low number this week, BUT still a loss, so I'm happy.
Loss for the week: 2.8 lbs
Total Loss so far: 48.4 lbs!